Braille Learning Kit

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SENSEE Braille Learning Kit for Beginner
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SENSEE Braille Learning Tool for beginners.
Braille, the most important language for the visually impaired, is now easy to learn and even enjoyable.
SENSEE's Braille Learning Kit is an introductory Braille learning material.
More than 99% of the visually impaired are acquired, and this is an important Braille-learning material for adults as well as young children.
This helps them to learn the numbers and alphabet in braille.

If you’re not familiar with braille and you want to learn braille, just play with Braille Learning Kit. It’s easy to learn braille. There are two alphabet books, one number book, a braille practice board, actual letters, numbers and magnetic balls. You can learn braille from the books and also practice braille on the practice board.

All letters and numbers are engraved on the books, and therefore, you can touch and feel those. Then, you can put the actual letters or numbers in the right place, and it also shows how to write in braille on the right side.

In case of numbers, 1 dot in the upper left side, out of 6 dots in arrangement with 2 columns of 3 dots, means number 1 in braille. The book shows this braille with raised dots so that the visually impaired can feel by touching. Like this, you can easily learn numbers and alphabet in braille.
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Reading Age ‏ 3 years and up
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