Coloring Book - Fruit

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Learn the shapes of objects and animals by touching.
Expand the imagination and feel the joy of drawing.
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It is a teaching aid for word learning and shape-training for the visually impaired.
It creates a boundary for them to recognize images through the protruded outlines.
It can be used for the initial Braille training, word learning and image education.

There is a title of the picture. It tells us in both texts and braille what this picture is. There is also an example of a completed coloring right beside of a title, but it’s just reference. It doesn’t have to be the same. Be creative in coloring. Be more flexible and imaginative in your approach.

Raised line
The pictures are drawn with raised lines. So, even the visually impaired can feel how those pictures look like by touching along the raised lines with their fingers. On the back of the picture, the lines are engraved along with the drawing, and therefore, you can play coloring as well.
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